Become a beach guide!

As a beachguide you add or improve the beaches in an area, e.g. an island. There are two advantages:

Earn money with all the beaches you add or develop

Simply leave your google adsense URL with us and start making money with every click you get. This is especially interesting if you have a tourism related website or if you simply know the beaches in your area well.

Place a profile box for your business on all the beach pages you add or develop

Your profile box will be shown on the top right of all "your" beach pages. In addition you can set up a personal page with lots of information about you and your business, including images and a link to your website. This is especially interesting if you are a local tour guide, a tourist agency or a beach related business (surf school, boat rental,...) as it will allow you to be visible to all people visiting "your" beach pages.

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Rate and review existing beaches
Improve existing beaches
Add new beaches
"All beach I have been to" personalized map
Add your beach business to a beach map (incl. link to your website)
Place a free profile box on all "your" beach pages
Earn money with Google ad on all "your" beach pages
Your personal page
(incl. picture, information about your business and link)


What does "my beaches" mean?
As a beach guide you are assigned an area, e.g. an island or a coast. Please contact us to see if your area is still available. Your task is to add all beaches from that area that are not yet online or to make sure existing beach pages have all information that is needed. As soon as you think that you have completed a beach we will assign this beach to your account.

Should I show a profile box or go for the google adsense, or both?
This basically depends on who you are:
- if you want to find customers through this website the profile box will be the most important feature for you. This will be the case for local tour guides, tourism agencies, local businesses,...
- if you are a web expert, own a tourism related website or simply know the beaches in your area well then the google adsense feature will be most interesting for you.

How fast will I be earning money/finding new customers?
New beach pages take a while to be listed well in google. You can speed this process up by helping us market your pages e.g. by setting links towards your area or by talking about them in blogs and social media. The idea is simple: it's some work now but your earnings will be life-long.

Why work for and not set up my own website? is already one of the biggest beach websites in the world and is available in 6 languages. By joining our network you will be working with all other beach guides and us to make this website the greatest beach site on earth. The more people join the more money we all will make.

I have never worked with google adsense before
No big deal. You will find all relevant information here. Basically you will get an affiliate URL that you need to enter in your beachguide member area.

Great, so how do I start?
Send us an email and let us know about the area you'd like to work with.